Ten Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

The concept of Chiropractic care focuses on providing holistic solutions that aim to improve your overall wellbeing and health. Although most of us naturally associate being healthy with not feeling sick, there are other areas of our body that deserve the same type of careful treatment that’s typically applied to our immune system, muscles, and…


Treating Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Our chiropractors will treat your back pain from its source. Our experienced chiropractors will explain all your chiropractic treatment options in Tucker and help you select the best option for your back pain. AICA’s chiropractors use two general manipulation approaches when working with the sacroiliac joint including spinal mobilization, which is a gentle and less…


Five Ways Tucker Patients Can Reduce Arthritis Pain This Winter Season

Have you ever noticed an increased sense of pressure or pain in your bones when the weather gets cold? You could be feeling great until a cold snap comes through the metropolitan Atlanta region and you’re suddenly stiff or sore all over. If you have arthritis and are interested in treating your condition by any means…


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