Low-Speed Car Accidents Can Still Cause Whiplash Injury

More than half of all Whiplash Injuries are caused by low-speed car accidents. Most patients who experience minor fender benders walk away from their experiences without noticing any pain. Because of this, they will continue with their routine until suddenly, they find themselves suffering from stiffness, recurring headaches, and other symptoms.


Get the Facts on Whiplash and Chiropractic Treatment

If you were recently involved in a car accident, it is possible you are still suffering from Whiplash.


Understanding The Health Risks Involved With Not Treating Whiplash

If an auto accident victim is diagnosed with a slight Whiplash Injury, it is possible to effectively treat the associated symptoms within a few weeks or less. However, Whiplash does have the potential to lead to chronic pain and other conditions that can linger for months, if not several years. Patients may have a higher chance…


Treat Whiplash Injury Naturally With Tucker Chiropractic Care

Auto accidents or collisions are, unfortunately, a natural part of our everyday life. The consequences of an auto accident can range from suffering minor bruises and Whiplash to permanent disability. For those who do sustain Whiplash Injury, most patients are led to believe that their symptoms nothing to be concerned over. The reality is, Whiplash…


How Whiplash Affects Your Ability To Live Your Normal Life

Whiplash Injury is one of the most common neck conditions that develops as a result of an auto accident. It develops after the impact of a car accident when your neck is thrown back and forth or side to side, outside of a healthy range of motion. This type of neck condition significantly affects your…


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