Defensive Driving Tips That Can Help Tucker Drivers Avoid Car Accidents

Defensive Driving Tips That Can Help Tucker Drivers Avoid Car Accidents | AICA TuckerMany drivers are confident in their abilities after years of traveling through the greater Atlanta region without experiencing a car accident. Still, even the most cautious drivers with years of experience can easily find themselves in a collision. Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles reports that an accident claim is filed once every 18 years on average. This figure equates to approximately nine crashes by the time someone becomes 70-years-old.

Distracted Drivers Are Everywhere

All drivers have noticed other vehicles operated by someone who is distracted by their smartphone, music, or their passengers. And, even though most people have engaged in these distractions, they believe that they are immune to crashing their vehicles. Defensive driving is one way you can help reduce the chances of a collision while traveling through Tucker.

Defensive Driving Tips That Help Prevent Car Accidents

Defensive driving is regarded as a skill used to defend against potential risks and hazards that exist on every highway and Interstate, including reckless drivers, weather conditions, or debris. Here are a few defensive driving tips that can help you avoid an accident and protect those around you.

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