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How Long Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Car Accident Injuries, Chriopractors | Sep 3, 2020

How Long Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

There are some auto accident injuries that require more than one trip to the doctor before you are feeling all better. In fact, many injuries sustained in a car accident can cause significant pain and discomfort that will affect your daily lifestyle, especially if left untreated. When looking for a…

How to Pick a Good Chiropractor

Chriopractors | Sep 10, 2020

How to Pick a Good Chiropractor

Whether you are interested in seeing a chiropractor for the first time or moved to a new area and hope to find a chiropractor as great as your previous one, there are a few key qualities to consider when searching for a Tucker chiropractor. A quick search online can sometimes…

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor

Chriopractors | Oct 5, 2020

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor?

Going to the chiropractor should ultimately be something you look forward to because of how it helps relieve your pain and help you feel healthier. When meeting with a Tucker chiropractor for the first time, you may have certain expectations and even misconceptions about what happens. While the goal of…

5 Fun Facts About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic, Chriopractors | Jan 30, 2021

5 Fun Facts About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is more popular than ever, with almost a million people undergoing a spinal adjustment each day. While you may see it called a fad or a trend, chiropractic care dates back to 1895 when Daniel David Palmer performed the first adjustment. That adjustment restored the hearing of a…


Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries, Chriopractors | Aug 5, 2021

Soft Tissue Injuries from a Car Accident

Some car accident injuries are more obvious than others, like a broken bone or scrapes and bruises. However, you can also suffer soft tissue injuries that can cause damage you won’t be able to see or recognize right away. Sometimes soft tissue injuries have been called hidden injuries because it…