Headache Treatment in Tucker

Patients who suffer from chronic headaches and debilitating migraines can receive immediate relief from the Chiropractors at AICA Tucker. Few things are more immediate, all-consuming and debilitating than a migraine.
It may not be just the pain – but the temporary blindness, accentuation of sounds to seeming hair-raising decibels, not to mention bodily sickness, nausea and other effects that make life unlivable for the extent of time the migraine lasts – which may be hours or even a day or more.

Now imagine living without this pain. Being able to simply turn it off. At AICA Tucker, that’s not just a dream – it’s possible. Because we know that 80 percent of migraines stem from below the brain stem.

Most migraines are decidedly located not in the brain but the cervical spine, or your neck. When there’s a loss of the natural curvature of your spine – even in practically tiny amounts, your body notices.

Among the parts to feel the difference are your nerves – the spinal column, which wends its way up the center of your vertebrae, is the center for most of your feeling, and the highway of signals between your brain and your body.

It’s so sensitive that a tiny movement can wreak palpable change in the way that you feel, and alter the motion that your body is capable of engineering. The same goes for the experience of a migraine. When the bones in your cervical spine move, or if a disc begins to become herniated or migrate, the result can be an explosive headache.

While the cause may be extended movement, causing damage over time, the reason may also be an accident. Sudden trauma, a car crash or a slip and fall. The culprits can be many, and at your Tucker Chiropractic Clinic, we’ll give you a thorough evaluation that can unearth the reason behind the migraine pain.

Treating Headache Pain

Headaches often interfere with everyday activities and can sometimes be debilitating. You may be surprised to know that it is very common for victims of accidents to suffer from mild to severe headaches following their accident.

We’re professionally experienced in chiropractic, medical, and physical therapy care and can offer a treatment plan that will result in dramatic improvements in patients suffering from headaches after an accident, or even after extended passive stress.

Tucker Migraine Treatment

When a migraine is the result of pressure on certain nerves or the restriction of blood flow through the neck and to the brain, the answer is a chiropractic adjustment. Restoration of proper spinal alignment of the neck enhances nerve signals to the brain and promotes healthy blood flow, relieving pressure from the head.
In some situations, tight muscles due to stress or injury are the cause of your headache, and adjustments and physical therapy can help to restore the normal, healthy balance of the muscles that move and support the spine and can keep you from a life dependency on dangerous pain medication.

Tucker Chiropractic Care for Recurring Headaches

Call today at (404) 592-1186 to schedule your X-ray, which can help us determine if something is wrong with your spine if deemed medically necessary. And if you’re unable to move because of your accident, call us right now – we’re open 24/7 – and we can help arrange transportation if you can’t reach us any other way.

What If It’s Not The Neck?

AICA Tucker is also prepared to treat headaches that are not associated with the neck. Having Chiropractors of multiple disciplines allows us to pinpoint and treat numerous conditions. Our Tucker Car Accident Chiropractors, physical therapists, and neurology specialists are all located onsite, which ensures the most thorough and complete diagnosis and treatment available in the Tucker area.

Multiple Specialty

Single specialty clinics are limited in their treatment options, but AICA Tucker will explore every avenue to find the most successful solution to your pain. Our staff is standing by right now, so you can call us at (404) 592-1186 to speak with a Chiropractor immediately, and embark on a life without pain.