Motorcycle Accident In Tucker

When it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, motorcycles can be an exhilarating and efficient way to go. There are few modes of travel that offer such a sense of freedom. Opting to ride a motorcycle instead of a car can also save you at the gas pump too.
However, motorcycle riding comes with some risks. Even experienced riders who have developed good coordination, balance, and judgment are susceptible to dangerous collisions with other vehicles or roadside fixtures.
Because motorcycles are smaller and less stable than cars or trucks, motorcyclists are at higher risk for being involved in a roadway accident. Riders are also more prone to suffer serious and complex injuries in the event of a crash, due to the lack of protection that motorcycles afford.
That’s why AICA Tucker has a team of medical specialists prepared to treat a wide range of motorcycle accident injuries, from torn ligaments and sprained muscles to skeletal fractures and dislocated joints.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Three out of every four motorcycle accidents involve at least one other passenger vehicle. Despite ongoing attempts to help motorists become more aware of the presence of motorcycles, many drivers are not always mindful of the motorcycles that share the road. One of the leading causes of motorcycle collisions is the failure of other drivers to detect, recognize, and accommodate motorcycles. In most cases, drivers are not aware of the motorcycles they impact until after a crash becomes unavoidable.
Since motorcycles lack the stability of four-wheeled cars and trucks, surface irregularities pose a greater threat to two-wheeled travelers. Potholes, roadkill, uneven pavement, unexpected debris, and even slick road conditions all place motorcyclists at considerably higher risk of suffering an accident.
In nine out of ten cases, motorcycle accidents involve riders who lack formal training, being either self-taught or informally instructed by friends or family members. Even for seasoned riders, having minimal experience with the nuances of a particular bike plays a role in more than half of all motorcycle accidents.
On average, motorcyclists have less than two seconds to react and avoid a crash. Without proper instruction and sufficient practice, inexperienced motorcycle riders have greater difficulty avoiding collisions, often failing to maximize braking capacity or employ expedient steering techniques.
The instruction and experience that riders gain from a certified motorcycle training course can substantially reduce the risk of an accident. Training and experience also go a long way toward lessening injury severity when motorcyclists do find themselves involved in a collision.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When motorcyclists are involved in roadway accidents, the likelihood of bodily injury is very high. Almost all motorcycle collisions harm the rider to some degree, with nearly half of injuries being quite serious. Wearing apparel designed specifically to protect motorcycle riders can help to reduce the severity of accident injuries.
Impacts frequently cause soft tissue damage, such as a torn ACL or herniated spinal disc. It’s also not uncommon for motorcycle accidents to result in bone or joint breakages, especially to the shoulders or hips. Head and neck injuries are the most dangerous form of motorcycle accident trauma, although these can be significantly reduced by wearing appropriate headgear that provides maximum coverage and protection.

Treatment Options After a Motorcycle Accident

Recovering from injuries following a motorcycle accident can seem daunting, but you don’t have to travel alone. Our Tucker Car Accident Chiropractors will walk with you through every step of the healing journey.
From using our in-house, state-of-the-art imaging equipment to accurately identify and diagnose your condition, to providing you with a full range of orthopedic, chiropractic, and physiotherapy services, AICA Tucker is committed to being your partner in recovery after a motorcycle accident.
Our Chiropractors provide you with a customized and comprehensive treatment plan, connecting you with physical therapists to heal soft tissue injuries and chiropractors to restore your spine to proper alignment. Our Chiropractors treat bone and joint damage, opting for surgery only when all other avenues have been explored.
At AICA Tucker, our integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your motorcycle accident trauma is addressed. Our physicians work together seamlessly to coordinate your care and return you to health. With multiple Atlanta-area locations to serve you, a consultation is just a phone call away. Contact us today at (404) 592-1186</a