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How to Find a Doctor After a Car Accident

After an accident | Nov 26, 2020

How to Find a Doctor After a Car Accident

The quality of your medical care is always important, and you may have spent years curating the right team of doctors for you and your needs. But when you’ve been in a car accident and are looking for a specialist, it can feel like you’re starting from scratch, and with a timeline. It can be […]

What Happens if a Herniated Disc Goes Untreated

Neck Pain, Spine Care | Oct 12, 2020

What Happens if a Herniated Disc Goes Untreated?

Many people think of herniated discs as an uncomfortable but common part of aging. While being over 35 is a common risk factor for herniated discs, you can also be at risk if you are overweight or have poor posture, or even if you participate in professional sports. It can be easy to ignore the […]

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor

Chriopractors | Oct 5, 2020

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Seeing a Chiropractor?

Going to the chiropractor should ultimately be something you look forward to because of how it helps relieve your pain and help you feel healthier. When meeting with a Tucker chiropractor for the first time, you may have certain expectations and even misconceptions about what happens. While the goal of chiropractic treatment is experiencing healing […]

How to Pick a Good Chiropractor

Chriopractors | Sep 10, 2020

How to Pick a Good Chiropractor

Whether you are interested in seeing a chiropractor for the first time or moved to a new area and hope to find a chiropractor as great as your previous one, there are a few key qualities to consider when searching for a Tucker chiropractor. A quick search online can sometimes produce an overwhelming amount of […]

How Long Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Car Accident Injuries, Chriopractors | Sep 3, 2020

How Long Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

There are some auto accident injuries that require more than one trip to the doctor before you are feeling all better. In fact, many injuries sustained in a car accident can cause significant pain and discomfort that will affect your daily lifestyle, especially if left untreated. When looking for a car accident doctor in Tucker, […]

How to Treat Whiplash

Whiplash | Aug 8, 2020

How to Treat Whiplash

If you have been injured in a car accident, then you may be concerned about possible car accident injuries. A common rule of thumb is that if your car experienced any damage in the accident then your body likely has too. Whiplash is one common car accident injury that can show symptoms right away or […]

How Long Does Whiplash Last

Whiplash | Jul 29, 2020

How Long Does Whiplash Last?

While car accidents can have devastating results, the most common injury sustained in an accident is a soft tissue injury known as whiplash. Whiplash happens most often in rear-end collisions, but can be present after any high-impact accident. For many people, whiplash is not apparent in the immediate aftermath, but symptoms begin to appear hours, […]

What to Expect (Physically) After a Car Accident

Accidents | Jul 20, 2020

What to Expect (Physically) After a Car Accident

Even a mild car accident can cause trauma – both mental and physical – for some time after the incident occurs. As hours or days begin to pass some of your immediate worries may disappear, and you may start to notice more physical symptoms that you originally did. While you should always visit a Tucker […]

4 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injuries | Jul 13, 2020

4 Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Nobody wants to be in a car accident- they can be expensive, time-consuming, and most importantly, dangerous. After a crash, some injuries will be apparent and result in immediate attention, but some are more subtle and may not show symptoms for hours or even days. Even if you don’t have any obvious injuries, it is […]

Uncategorized | Mar 20, 2020

Covid 19 Update

Injury Treatment at AICA During Outbreak To Our Valued Patients, As you know, we deeply care about the wellbeing and safety of each of our patients, and that sentiment continues as we navigate this new virus. AICA Orthopedics will continue to serve car accident and personal injury victims during this time. To help alleviate the […]

Conditions, General Chiropractic | Oct 18, 2017

Avoid Chronic Shoulder Pain With Help From Our Chiropractors

The shoulder is the most active joint in the entire body and thus, is exposed to significant stress on a daily basis. Constant use and potential injuries can eventually lead to a series of shoulder problems that range from recurring pain to loss of mobility.

Car Accident Injuries, Whiplash | Oct 11, 2017

Low-Speed Car Accidents Can Still Cause Whiplash Injury

More than half of all Whiplash Injuries are caused by low-speed car accidents. Most patients who experience minor fender benders walk away from their experiences without noticing any pain. Because of this, they will continue with their routine until suddenly, they find themselves suffering from stiffness, recurring headaches, and other symptoms.

Back Pain | Oct 4, 2017

Prevent Spinal Degeneration With Chiropractic Care

More than 65 million Americans experience lower back pain each year. And, each person will eventually sustain back pain during their life due to the demands of today’s work environment.  More occupations now require employees to sit for long periods, while the physical nature of traditional labor still leaves workers vulnerable to back injuries.

Car Accident Injuries | Sep 27, 2017

What Tucker Drivers Should Do After A Car Accident

It’s too easy to casually drive through Tucker, believing everything is perfectly fine when suddenly another vehicle collides into yours. The traumatic event can send shockwaves through your body, rattle your decision capabilities and make it difficult to understand how to react appropriately. Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles reports that each driver will experience a […]

Accident Prevention | Sep 20, 2017

Defensive Driving Tips That Can Help Avoid Car Accidents

Many drivers are confident in their abilities after years of traveling through the greater Atlanta region without experiencing a car accident. Still, even the most cautious drivers with years of experience can easily find themselves in a collision. Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles reports that an accident claim is filed once every 18 years on […]

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries | Sep 13, 2017

Should I Go To The Doctor After A Car Accident?

If you can leave an accident without noticing any pain or concerning symptoms, it’s likely that you’ll believe you’re not hurt. However, there are many accident injuries that are not easily detected by the naked eye. One of the reasons why someone will believe their health is fine after an accident is due to the […]

Car Accident Injuries | Sep 6, 2017

Motorcycle Collision Injuries Treated By Our Tucker Car Accident Doctors

Motorcycle collisions significantly differ from car accidents because of how vulnerable riders are during a crash. Motorcycles do not contain protective materials that automobiles do, which is why the chances of sustaining severe injuries during a collision are high. And, when motorcyclists choose not to wear a helmet and other safety gear, the results are […]

Back Pain | Aug 30, 2017

At-Home Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

Many people who experience chronic back pain approach traditional forms of medicine before exploring safe alternatives like Chiropractic care. Most primary physicians rely on treatments like prescription medications to provide pain relief. Unfortunately, these kinds of solutions are not capable of correcting the source of the issue. Instead, people who suffer from chronic back pain […]

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries | Aug 24, 2017

Car Accident Injury Symptoms That Deserve Immediate Chiropractic Treatment

Car accidents are responsible for a variety of injuries, including tissue damage, fractures, and strains. The sensitivity of the tendons and ligaments that surround your neck are vulnerable to tears when exposed to sudden force or trauma. Neck injuries and fractures are easily identified, allowing car accident victims to understand that treatment is needed. However, […]

Accident Recovery, Car Accident Injuries | Aug 17, 2017

Most Meaningful Reasons To Visit A Tucker Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can lead to a series of health concerns and injuries. Many accident victims sustain tissue damage like Whiplash, back pain, and bone fractures – all of which require Chiropractic Treatment to prevent chronic pain or permanent damage. If you notice any pain or discomfort after an auto collision and you […]