Slip & Fall Injury Chiropractic Treatment in Tucker, GA

If you’re looking for a Tucker Chiropractor because of a slip and fall accident injury, call AICA Tucker today at (404) 592-1186. After a slip and fall accident, there’s no place better than you can go for immediate, effective Chiropractic care.
Sure, you’ve been out of the emergency room, the doctor has seen you, but you’re left with pain and quite possibly an injury. The short of it is this: If there’s pain, see the Chiropractor. So now it’s time to pick up the phone and call AICA Tucker because we’re the after-injury specialists who know how to bring you back to health and let you get back what you feel like you’ve lost.

Treating Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can be especially frustrating because not only can they happen to anyone at any time, but they often occur at no fault of your own. Whether you were at a commercial building or residential property, negligence by the property owner, such as a poorly maintained walk, deck or other fixture could mean that you’re eligible to receive full injury treatment at no cost to you. Find out if you’re eligible, call us!

X-ray Scans If Necessary

After accident pain can mean one of two things: That it’s not broken or that it is. If you’d like to find out, the best way to do it is to come to our clinic where we can tell you what you’d like to know about your injury, and if the necessary offer you an X-ray.
Our Tucker Car Accident Chiropractors give you a savings of hundreds of dollars and the peace of mind that you’ll know what step to take for your health. And we’ll be there to answer your questions and give you the best care.

Tucker Chiropractic Care for Slip and Fall Injuries

When you’ve been through a slip and fall, you’ll want the best help for your injury. The newfound problems with your bones, joints, and soft tissue are going to be first on our list to treat, with the aid of our Tucker Chiropractors, orthopedists, and physical therapists.
We’re able to get you all of the help that you’ll need, which is exactly what you won’t get at the hospital. The hospital, while it’s life-saving, isn’t going to be your best option for your long-term treatment. We don’t just treat misalignments and repair breaks; we give you the keys to your health in full with a holistic treatment that you won’t find a regular doctor. That’s the benefit of our integrated approach to health care.

AICA Tucker Offers Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment

When you go to a regular Chiropractic clinic, you’ll be getting a one-hit wonder. Meaning, you’ll get a single doctor who is adept at one skill. At AICA Tucker, you’ll be seeing a cadre of physicians who are ready to assess and help you get all of the help that you need in one go.
Our process is quick and easy. Moreover, our integrated medical facility is the best option for your full recovery. You can suffer from misalignments in the spine causing interruptions in the signals within the nervous system, which may bring you painful headaches, unfocused vision, and nausea.
The solution is our suite of interventions that are low impact and will bring relief, such as you will usually see the Chiropractor. Additionally, we can treat your acute injuries, such as sprains, strains, and pulled muscles. If you find that you’re feeling the same or worse, it’s time to call AICA.
You might be the victim of a delayed onset of muscle soreness. Don’t leave it untreated, because your body is complex and delicate. Any injury that’s causing you pain could become a chronic problem if you don’t call today.

Treating Slip and Fall Accident Injuries at AICA Tucker

Remember, when you call AICA Tucker, you’re getting the possibility of treatment with no out of pocket cost. Not only that, we’ll provide you with a host of bonuses that make it hard to go anywhere else:

  • Transportation if you can’t move because of your injuries
  • You can also get same day appointments
  • We have Spanish speaking staff at our Tucker location
  • Open 24/7

Yes, we’re open right now. Call us at (404) 592-1186 and get the help that you’ve been waiting for. You’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain.