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Achieve Complete Sinus Relief with Chiropractic Care
Dec 21, 2016

Sinus Relief with Chiropractic Care | AICA TuckerChiropractic care provides relief for a variety of health conditions that go beyond the musculoskeletal system.

One particular condition our Tucker Chiropractors treat is Sinusitis, which refers to when your sinuses become infected or inflamed.

Over three million people suffer from sinusitis each year with most coming down with it as a result of catching a cold or getting sick with the flu.

Congested Sinus Symptoms

Most patients who suffer from a sinus infection experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Earache
  • Dull or throbbing pain in the forehead, temple, face, or behind the eyes and nose
  • Significant nasal discharge
  • Thick congestion
  • Tension headaches
  • Persistent cough
  • Soreness
  • Exhaustion
  • Itchy or a sore throat

Causes of Sinusitis

Sinus infections are often caused as a result of the nasal cavities becoming blocked, which prevents mucus from properly draining out of your system.

Most infections begin as a cold before the nasal passages become irritated from some bacteria or virus.

Other causes of sinusitis include:

  • Nasal polyps
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Allergies such as hay fever

You face a higher risk of developing a sinus infection if you have:

Have some abnormality in your nasal passages

You’re at increased risk of getting chronic or recurrent sinusitis if you have:

  • A nasal passage abnormality, such as a deviated nasal septum or nasal polyps
  • Asthma, which is highly connected to chronic sinusitis
  • Aspirin sensitivity that causes respiratory symptoms
  • An immune system disorder
  • Hay fever or another allergic condition that affects your sinuses
  • Regular exposure to pollutants

Chronic Sinusitis

Prolonged inflammation (not infection) of the sinuses, lasting 12 weeks or longer, is considered chronic sinusitis. Salt-water irrigation is often used to treat this condition.

Treating Sinusitis with Chiropractic Sinus Adjustments

Patients who suffer from sinusitis can experience complete relief when they can remove of specific obstructions that are preventing their sinuses from draining properly.

When misalignments exist in the spine, the muscles that connect to them can become inflamed or spastic and block the lymphatic draining of the head and neck.

Your diet may also have an effect on your sinuses and consuming things like raw honey, chicken broth, or garlic can help relieve congested sinuses.

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