Avoid Neck Pain Caused By “Text Neck” and Using Your Cell Phone

Jan 11, 2017

Tucker Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain and Text Neck | AICA TuckerThe Chiropractors at AICA Tucker use the term “text neck” to refer to particular neck pain that’s caused by staring down at your smartphone for too long.

Although the concept may seem humorous or outrageous, it is becoming an epidemic throughout the United States.

Not only is our dependence and fascination with our smartphones taking an unhealthy toll on our social relationships, but it is now also affecting our quality of life.

As our relationship with digital technology increases, the health of our bodies continues to deteriorate.

Chiropractic Treatment for ‘Forward Head Posture’

At AICA Tucker, our Chiropractors treat patients on a regular basis who experience neck pain caused by their smartphones.

When you hold your neck forward, the weight on of your skull adds a significant amount of pressure to your neck joints.

Just tilting your head forward only a few inches can add approximately 20 or more pounds of stress on your neck.

This kind of added stress and pressure on your neck causes a variety of ailments to develop in your spine, which can lead to chronic headaches or severe shoulder pain.

How AICA Tucker’s Chiropractors Can Help Relieve Neck Pain Caused By Smartphones

Chiropractic care helps address misalignments that exist in the spine, which helps to correct and prevent neck pain from developing in the future.

Through controlled s, spinal adjustments, and other forms of physical therapy, our Chiropractors can help you improve your health, as well as the performance of your spine.

Meeting with the Chiropractors at AICA Tucker will put you on the right path toward achieving full neck health, although following through with these recommendations will also go a long way toward preventing pain in the future.

Reduce The Amount of Time You Spend on Your SmartPhone 

Spending less time on your smartphone is the first step toward preventing neck pain in the future.

Instead of holding your cell phone between your neck and shoulders, try maintaining your conversation over the speaker phone so that you can keep your neck upward. Also, try to keep your smartphone at eye level when texting.

Schedule A Consultation With AICA Tucker For Immediate Neck Pain Relief

If you are experiencing neck pain and are interested in receiving immediate treatment, call AICA Tucker at 404-592-1186 to schedule a consultation or examination.

We can provide you with a custom treatment plan that aligns with the unique characteristics of your condition, which allows you to heal faster and avoid future relapses.

The Chiropractors at AICA Tucker treat neck pain in hundreds of patients each year and can help you, too!