Chiropractic Tips for Winter Weight Management

Nov 3, 2016

During the winter season, many people throughout Tucker have a difficult time keeping their weight under control.

As the days grow short and shadowy, many of us crave carbohydrate-dense foods. Pasta, potatoes, and bread become irresistible, not to mention donuts, cake, and cookies.

And carbohydrates beget more carbohydrates. One cookie invites another. And who has ever been able to keep a resolution to eat just one potato chip?

All that delicious food combined with a low level of activity tends to result in significant weight gain.

Chiropractic Treatment & Weight Management

This winter, you can take charge of your health and your waistline by applying some of the following common sense tips offered by the Chiropractors at AICA Tucker on how to avoid gaining those extra pounds in the first place!

First of all, don’t deny yourself all of the things you enjoy

People who diet by refusing themselves small delights (a candy bar here and there, a late) tend to gain more weight than individuals who indulge occasionally. It is human nature to be unhappy about removing something from your life that you want -so when you falter, you falter big.

It’s OK to have a treat once in a while, or a latte. But so in moderation. Don’t eat that second candy bar, or have a latte every day.

If you give yourself a reward when you deserve it, weight loss won’t have control over your life, and you won’t aggravate your friends and family by counting calories all the time!

Take a walk and enjoy the winter wonders

Or take up that Pilates class you’ve always wanted to take! Small strategic choices like these are key to keeping your weight down. The more active you are each day, the less likely you are to gain extra winter weight.

Don’t give in to the temptation to sit around and be a “couch potato” all weekend; you can find odd jobs to do…even in the winter months! Clean out your basement, or your closet. Shovel the snow, do whatever is necessary to stay moving.

You’ll end up burning the winter calories, and end up feeling energized and pleased that you’ve gotten so much accomplished! If you are experiencing aches and pains that are thwarting your efforts to get up and moving, visit your doctor of chiropractic.

Gentle spinal adjustments can help you feel better and minimize the chance of injury when you’re exercising.

If you slipped up and gained some weight over the holidays, don’t go on a crash diet

Crash diets don’t give you the nutrients or the discipline needed to keep the pressure off when the diet is over. Stick to eating three well-balanced meals per day and avoid fast food. If you have a penchant for sweets, don’t sit down and eat the whole chocolate cake; have a banana, or an apple instead.

Engage in moderate exercise 3 to 4 times a week for at least a half hour. Do this, and you’ll be much more cheerful, and lose more winter weight faster than with the quick-fix diets. You can also remove some of the “extras” from your routine.

Drink your coffee black; sugar and cream add a ton of calories.

Cut back on chocolate and other sweets unless it’s an occasional indulgence; skip the mayo and cheese on your sandwich at lunch, omit the soda for some tea (but no sugar!), and look at your daily food choices and try to eliminate the empty calories.

In no time at all, you’ll shed those extra pounds and have more energy to do the things you love!