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How AICA Tucker Can Help Spanish-Speaking Auto Accident Victims

Jan 18, 2017

When it comes to supporting your health and receiving appropriate medical treatment, seeking care from an experienced provider that speaks your language is imperative.

Are you Spanish-speaking and looking for medical attention to address chronic neck or back pain relief in Tucker following an auto accident?

If so, then the team of experienced Chiropractors at AICA Tucker can help.

Chiropractic Care for Spanish-Speaking Patients

The team of Chiropractors at our Tucker clinic offer experienced and dedicated medical treatment for work-related, auto accident, and Whiplash Injuries.

We are also able to treat a variety of other conditions including effectively:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Endometriosis
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Stress

We understand how important it is to have access to experienced, quality health care after an auto accident and are prepared to offer you the best treatment possible.

In addition to the Chiropractic treatment solutions we provide, you will find that we also employ a particular team of staff members that speak Spanish to help support communication with our patients and to provide them with a more familiar environment.

Because our staff speaks Spanish, our Chiropractors can quickly explain their ideas, the source of your pain, the type of treatment they believe you should receive, and answer your questions clearly.

Our team will provide you with a detailed explanation of your wounds and what treatment options are available.

AICA Tucker Puts Your Needs First

AICA Tucker’s Chiropractors have served the greater area for over 20 years and take pride in being an important part of the community.

Many of our patients have been with us for several years and continue to receive ongoing Chiropractic treatment because of the type of positive relationships we strive to build.

That means we put each patient and their health needs first.

Whether we need to provide transportation to and from our clinic in cases where a patient’s injury prevents them from driving, or we need to work with an individual’s insurance provider on their behalf, we are here to help.

Learn More By Scheduling A Consultation

You can learn more about our staff, our approach to treating auto accident injuries, or other related matters by scheduling a consultation.

Just fill out our online contact form or call us today at 404-592-1186.


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