How Much Is a Settlement for Nerve Damage?

Aug 26, 2021

It is possible to experience a workplace accident no matter the adequate training you received or how many safety precautions are in place. There are many types of workplace accidents that can lead to injuries. One type of injury from a workplace accident could be nerve damage. If you experience nerve damage after an accident on the job, you might be looking for more information on a settlement. In order to complete a full and robust settlement for nerve damage after a workplace injury, you will want to ensure you have received quality, necessary care from your neurologist in Tucker. When it comes to a settlement for nerve damage, you will need proper and thorough documentation of your specific injury and the necessary treatments specific to you.

Nerve-Related Injuries on the Job

There are many types of nerve-related injuries you can experience on the job. Here are three main categories of nerve-related injuries and examples of how you might sustain one of these in the workplace.

Acute Injury

An acute injury refers to a sudden trauma to an area of the body where you then experience nerve damage. One example of an acute injury that leads to nerve damage is if you fell and damaged the ulnar nerve in your elbow. Ulnar nerve damage can cause tingling and numbness in your elbow that radiates down your arm and into your pinky finger.

Repetitive Use Injury

A repetitive use injury refers to an injury caused by repetitive movements that are part of your requirements at work. An example of a repetitive use injury you may sustain at work is carpal tunnel syndrome. People who spend all day on the computer or who complete repetitive movements with their hands, like a plumber or carpenter, may develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive use injuries can cause pain and inflammation that is unable to heal because your job requires you to keep performing those repetitive motions.


You may experience complications from a diabetes diagnosis that starts to impact your ability to do your job successfully. While this is the least common of the three types of nerve-related injuries on the job, it is still possible and your doctor can talk you through your next steps.

Diagnosing Nerve Damage

In order to diagnose nerve damage, your doctor will want to perform a medical examination to determine the level of nerve damage. It helps to get an idea of whether or not the nerve has been permanently damaged due to the injury. A nerve and its surrounding tissues may experience bruising, stretching, or tearing that contribute to your pain and discomfort. An injury could also put undue pressure on a nerve that disrupts your brain’s ability to effectively send signals to the rest of your body. There are diagnostic tests your Tucker neurologist may want to run to assess your response to sensations and movements. Your doctor may also want to utilize diagnostic imaging tools like X-rays or CT scans to get a clearer picture of the damage and also to monitor your progress toward healing and recovery.

Treatment Options for Nerve Damage

Any time you have an injury, you want your doctor to provide a treatment plan that is individualized and specific to your healthcare needs. Avoid any doctor who is promoting a one-size-fits-all approach to treating nerve damage. Instead, you want a doctor who will develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific symptoms and also gets at the root cause of your nerve pain. Your doctor may recommend specific treatments and techniques that will help you heal quickly and effectively or in case you have a pinched nerve then you should visit a doctor for better treatment.

Understanding Your Nerve Damage Settlement

A settlement for nerve damage after a workplace injury will depend on thorough and precise documentation of the entire medical process, from initial consultation through all your needed doctor’s appointments. The settlement may include claims for all your medical costs, like doctor’s visit fees, diagnostic testing like CT scans and blood tests, any hospital or surgery costs, any medical devices necessary like a brace or crutches, and other medical bills. You want to find a neurologist in Tucker who has experience in treating workplace injuries and providing the type of documentation necessary for a settlement so you can get reimbursed for all your medical costs. At AICA Orthopedics in Tucker, our team of doctors helps support you through the treatment and recovery process by providing accurate and detailed filing and reports so you can focus on healing and getting back to work.


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