Laser Light Therapy

Feb 3, 2015

When you’re checking out chiropractors in Tucker, laser light therapy is something you should put on your must have list. Light therapy is one of the most innovative treatments currently in use inside your chiropractor’s office, and it’s not something that you want to be without, especially if you have a history of chronic ailment that hasn’t responded to traditional treatment, or even to chiropractic adjustment.

What Light Can Do For You

Technological advancements have helped to update the practice of chiropractic and physical therapy. While the benefits of light are well known to our workday mental and physical health, harnessing light as a method of hard healing inside the body is something new. The ability to take a beam of light, shoot it through the skin and let it affect tissue is something extraordinary, although it’s alluded to by the character of light itself, as a collection of particles that when moving quickly (very quickly) will alter the objects through which it passes.

A laser, which we know as a word, actually stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser light when targeted for a human recipient is able to heal tissue that would otherwise remain in pain. This is known as Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT.

Low Level Laser Therapy

This is the application of close to infrared light, which is monochromatic, and can assist in the innate healing of the body. When this form of light is placed close to the skin, the photons, which make up the light, will enter the skin, because those light particles are smaller than minute holes in the skin, and also enter the cells inside of the body in the soft tissue. Here it will help to bring back the normal functioning of cells in places like joints, ligaments and muscles. These could be places where the circulation had been low, and by bringing this back, the body now has a chance to recover.

It should be noted that the LLLT is functioning at such a low level, the the light isn’t hot, as in a surgical laser. Those are designed to actually cut tissue. The LLLT is merely set to move through tissue with very minimal sensation.

What is Treatment Like?

There are two main sizes of the Low Level Laser. One is a large instrument, and the other is small, and held in the hand.

The laser is taken by your chiropractor and held to the skin that is being helped by the laser. After the machine is activated, the light will be taken in your body and transformed into energy – this is called biochemical energy – and it’s what helps your cells to heal and regenerate. The effects you may notice are a lessening of pain, the increase of blood circulation and the restoration of tissue inside your body.

These tissues are your lymph vessels and tiny arteries, which are normally quite hard to reach, let alone manipulate. They’ll be enlarged because of the laser light, which is a process called vasodilation, and will help swelling and inflamed tissue to recede and heal.

How Long Does It Take?

This process isn’t a quick fix. While you can’t overdo LLLT, you can underfill the order that will help your body. Trying it over the course of a few weeks once or twice a week may be sufficient. However, a more entrenched malady is going to take more sessions – anywhere from 8 to 30. The best advice is to ask your chiropractor what seems best for your condition.