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What is a Personal Injury?
May 28, 2013

what is a personal injuryThe term “personal injury” often brings about images of ambulance chasing lawyers that are looking to file a law suit against an individual who harmed you. However, the term refers to any injury sustained to a person’s mind, body, or spirit, and many of these injuries occur from car accidents. Auto accident insurance provides personal injury coverage when they occur behind the wheel, but in all states, claims for personal injury can’t be made until the individual visits an emergency room, primary care physician or a chiropractor.

As previously noted, car accidents are a common cause of personal injuries. However, other personal injuries can include the following:

    • Accidents at home
    • Assault
    • Trips and falls
    • Workplace accidents
    • Accidents on vacation
    • Accidents due to product defects
    • Medical malpractice

The role of a personal injury doctor in Tucker in your case for an injury involves providing your lawyer with valuable information about your injury, improvements you have experienced, and prognosis for your overall recovery time. Your chiropractor will also explain any remaining effects that still exist after your treatment period has been completed, as all of this information is essential in a personal injury case.

When your pain is at its peak immediately after the injury, you will likely see your chiropractor three times a week. This can decrease as your pain begins to go away. Even after a complete recovery has been experienced, it is advisable that you continue to have periodic chiropractic adjustments to maintain full health, but this is not a requirement to settle your personal injury case. Your Tucker chiropractor may also suggest therapy in order to alleviate muscle tension or provide you with therapeutic exercises to speed up the healing process in order to better help you to recover from your personal injury.