When Is Chiropractic Treatment In Tucker Ongoing?

May 21, 2015

when-is-chiropractic-treatment-in-tucker-ongoingIf you’re seeking chiropractic care for the first time, it’s not uncommon to be perplexed about exactly what chiropractors treat and how they treat it. Then again, when so many chiropractic patients assert that they can’t possibly live without their treatments, while at the same time others are insisting they’re not worth the time, it’s no surprise that what chiropractors do is so mysterious.

The most common thing people stress about when seeking chiropractic care is that one adjustment will only be the first of a lifetime of endless adjustments. So, just when is chiropractic treatment in Tucker ongoing?

Instant Relief is Fleeting Relief

We constantly hear and see the message that the best things give us instant results and that anything else isn’t worth the time or the money. Our medicines and creams claim instant relief and results and weight loss programs boast a loss of ten pounds in ten days at most, and it’s made us suspicious of anything that doesn’t insist that it works instantly.

The reality is that long lasting and high quality results don’t happen instantly. Chiropractic care is intended to achieve and maintain quality results, and that simply can’t happen in the span of visit or two.

It’s Not a Long Distance Relationship

What would you think if someone told you they have only gone to their hairstylist or dentist one or two times in their entire life. You’d expect their hair and teeth to be in terrible condition, right? So why do you think it’s any different with your spine?

Chiropractic care can’t be a long distance relationship. It’s literally a hands-on practice and calls for a face-to-face relationship in order to function, just like a hairstylist or dentist.

Your chiropractor will likely prescribe therapeutic exercises for you to do in between adjustments, but these are designed to sustain your progress until your next session, not replace the benefits of your regular professional adjustments.

Ongoing care is also referred to as supportive care, and it’s very valuable, particularly if you’re recuperating from an injury. When your body heals, it also changes, and supportive care is the only way to make sure those changes are beneficial.

Your Spine is Vital, Like Your Heart

It’s well known that working out one or two times isn’t going to equal a healthy heart and body, so why would one or two chiropractic adjustments equal a healthy spine? Your spine is just as vital to a healthy body as your heart is, so treat it, and yourself, with the same love and respect.