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5 Fun Facts About Chiropractic Care

Jan 30, 2021

5 Fun Facts About Chiropractic CareChiropractic care is more popular than ever, with almost a million people undergoing a spinal adjustment each day. While you may see it called a fad or a trend, chiropractic care dates back to 1895 when Daniel David Palmer performed the first adjustment. That adjustment restored the hearing of a partially deaf janitor who had suffered a back injury 17 years earlier. Only two years later, Palmer would open the first school of chiropractic care, and 16 years later, Kansas became the first state to recognize and license the practice. Now, you are able to visit a Tucker chiropractor for a number of ailments, and the same is true worldwide. If you are interested in the history of chiropractic care, keep reading for some additional fun facts about the practice!

Chiropractic Literally Means “Done by Hand”

The word “chiropractic” comes from a combination of two Grecian words: cheir, meaning “hand”, and praktos, or “done.” While a modern-day chiropractor may use a variety of instruments that assist with their treatment and techniques, the majority of them rely on their hands and other manual methods of working on the spine. This is true to the extent that chiropractic adjustments are sometimes known as “manual therapies” as a nod to the use of hands. Not only are adjustments themselves done by hand, but a Tucker chiropractor will use their hands to examine a patient’s spine and identify a course of treatment.

Most People Need Chiropractic Care

It is estimated that in the United States, there are about one million chiropractic adjustments performed each day. While that may sound like a shocking number, it makes sense when you begin to understand the amount of back pain alone that is reported. Over 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point over the course of their lives, and nearly a third of them will report stress as one of the causes. The problem is so prevalent that annually, $50 billion is spent on treating back pain! While there are at-home treatments for chronic back pain, there is certainly a need for better spinal health amongst the American population.

Becoming a Chiropractor Takes Years

Chiropractors are not the same thing as medical doctors, and they cannot do things like perform surgeries or write prescriptions. However, in order to become a chiropractor, you need to earn a four-year degree at the graduate level, which allows you to be known as a Doctor of Chiropractic. This requires graduation from an accredited school of chiropractic. These schools will require you to have a Bachelor’s degree, or at least 90 hours of undergraduate coursework in a related area. During a chiropractic education, students are able to participate in classroom lectures, lab work, and internships, totaling over 4,200 hours of learning.

Chiropractic Care Is Heavily Studied

Some people believe that chiropractic care is not medically sound, or at least lacks evidence. However, that’s not the case at all. Not only is chiropractic care well respected among most medical professionals, but it is also one of the most studied medical treatments, having undergone intense scrutiny and study through research. Studies have been able to show differences in outcomes between spinal manipulation and other treatments like prescriptions or surgery, and chiropractic care typically shows a higher and faster reduction of pain. It is up to each person and their doctor to determine whether chiropractic care is right for them, but in order to make that decision, there is more than enough research available to make an empowered choice.

Chiropractic Care Is Wonderful Complementary Care

Since its inception in 1895, chiropractic care has grown a lot. It is now licensed and regulated in every state of the US, as well as many other countries around the world. Many types of chiropractic care are even covered by health insurance, helping to prove the legitimacy of the practice to skeptics. While many people take advantage of this coverage for spinal health, many states allow chiropractors to be treated as a primary care physician because of their focus on overall health. The practice can be used alone or as a part of your overall care, and it can save you money by helping to prevent future issues. Many medical doctors will refer to chiropractors to aid in healing.

As you see, there are many interesting things even a pro might not know about chiropractic care. You may be surprised to learn some of the ways it can help you. If you are in need of a chiropractor, AICA Orthopedics in Tucker has a staff of experts ready to create a customized treatment plan for you. Call us today to schedule your first appointment!