At-Home Treatment For Chronic Back Pain

Aug 30, 2017

At Home Chiropractic Solutions For Chronic Back Pain | AICA TuckerMany people who experience chronic back pain approach traditional forms of medicine before exploring safe alternatives like Chiropractic care. Most primary physicians rely on treatments like prescription medications to provide pain relief.

Unfortunately, these kinds of solutions are not capable of correcting the source of the issue. Instead, people who suffer from chronic back pain tend to benefit from a multifaceted approach that comprises of Chiropractic techniques, corrective therapy, and lifestyle adjustments.

Chronic Back Pain Relief

If you experience persistent back pain that makes it difficult to follow through with everyday activities, contact AICA Tucker to schedule a free consultation. Speak directly with one of our Tucker Chiropractors about what treatment options are appropriate for your needs. If you are interested in complimenting your Chiropractor’s treatment plan for a faster recovery, consider the following list of at-home activities you can perform on your own.

Exercise To Stimulate Your Endorphins

Your body naturally produces hormones called endorphins that help block pain signals from registering with your brain. Through ongoing aerobic exercise, massage therapy, and meditation, you can reduce the amount of anxiety, stress, and back pain you experience on a regular basis.

Get Plenty of Rest and Relaxation

Back pain is the leading cause of exhaustion and fatigue as 75 percent of back pain patients experience some kind of sleep disorder. Living in a state of exhaustion can increase one’s back pain and create a revolving cycle of discomfort that triggers other conditions. If you are unable to sleep at night because of back pain, ask your Tucker Chiropractor for help. They can provide Chiropractic Adjustments during your office visits to provide stability to your central nervous system, while also giving you various relaxation tips you can use at home.

Strengthen Your Core Muscles

The muscles in your abs and back influence the condition of your lower spine. These muscles require specific attention to develop and your Chiropractor can give you specific exercises that focus on strengthening your core.

There are a variety of basic exercises that can be performed by anyone, regardless of their current condition. Incorporating 20 to 30 minutes of core exercise in your routine can go a long way in supporting your spine, as well as reducing chronic back pain.

Contact AICA Tucker For Chronic Back Pain Relief and At-Home Support

If you experience back pain that doesn’t subside or go away on its own, contact AICA Tucker for immediate pain relief. Our Tucker Chiropractors can treat the root of your condition, while also giving you helpful tips and activities that support your overall recovery.

AICA Tucker is the community’s most experienced, comprehensive accident injury center – helping thousands of people each year overcome chronic back pain. Learn why we continue to serve as Tucker’s leader in Chiropractic Treatment – call us today to schedule a free consultation or a complete examination: (404) 592-1186


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