Better Posture Brings Less Pain

Jan 1, 2013

Neck pain is a condition that is caused by a myriad of reasons and often times it is difficult to pin point the exact cause of neck pain. Besides back pain, neck injuries are the second most common condition that chiropractors treat. Similar to chronic spinal pain, the neck pain can cause pain throughout the body; it is this transient pain that makes neck pain so difficult to diagnose. There are several chiropractic treatment options for neck pain sufferers.

Other than direct trauma to the neck or whiplash, neck pain is often the result of a spine that is out of alignment. A misaligned spine causes neck compression that causes neck pain. To alleviate neck pain, chiropractors use spinal manipulation therapy to realign the spine and to decompress nerves. Most therapy is administered over several sessions, but patients often feel relief after the first chiropractic session.

Poor Posture Causes Neck And Back Pain

Few people realize that poor standing and sitting posture can cause spine misalignment. Poor posture punishes the body by putting unnecessary stress on the vertebrae, nerves and discs of the spine. Bad posture makes the body work harder and this strain causes neck and back problems. Proper standing and sitting posture aligns the body and allows you to carry your weight in the most efficient manner. Most people are over using their support muscles to hold their head straight and to hold their torso straight, they do not allow their bones to properly support their weight.

Office workers who sit in front of a computer all day often tilt their head forward and slouch to look at their computer monitor. This is a major cause of neck and back pain. Practice sitting with your tail bone pressed to the back of your seat, and use your sit bones to carry your weight. Move your computer closer and higher to your eye level so that you do not slouch. AICA’s chiropractic therapy, will reduce pain from improper posture but you should also practice correct posture to avoid future problems.

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