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Why is Back Pain So Common

Jan 15, 2013

why-back-pain-commonChronic back pain is the number one reason for doctor visits in the world. The human spine is exceedingly complex, efficient, wonderful, yet it is prone to injury. The average human spine has 24 articulating vertebrae surrounded by nerve fascia that at any time can become compressed or injured. The complexity of the spine plays apart in why backache is the number one complaint that doctors treat. Over the course of their entire lifetime 76% of adults will experience back pain. It is inevitable that most of us will experience back pain, but we do not have to become life long sufferers.

But what about chronic back pain that is experienced everyday without relief? Is it treatable? In many cases chronic back pain is treatable. Chiropractic doctors have the most success and receive more positive feedback from patients suffering from chronic back pain than any other type of medical treatment. Why is this? Chiropractic does not treat symptoms, but aims to find the source of chronic pain and remedy it.

Also, when it comes to managing and stopping pain, chiropractic doctors do not mask a patient’s pain with pain killers. Chiropractors use cold laser therapy and electric therapy to treat soft tissue injuries. Spinal manipulation therapy is used to adjust the spine to stop nerve compression. Nerve compression is a common cause of back pain, and it is easily treated under the care of a chiropractor. Nerve compression occurs when the misaligned spine rubs against a nerve in the spine, this causes all sorts of different back conditions. Our chiropractors are experts at treating problems of the spine, and they use a holistic approach to help patients get better. If you are tired of chronic back pain, and medical treatment that doesn’t work, call a chiropractor for an appointment.


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