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Car Accident Injury Symptoms That Deserve Immediate Chiropractic Treatment
Aug 24, 2017

Car Accident Injury Symptoms Treated By Tucker Chiropractors | AICA TuckerCar accidents are responsible for a variety of injuries, including tissue damage, fractures, and strains. The sensitivity of the tendons and ligaments that surround your neck are vulnerable to tears when exposed to sudden force or trauma.

Neck injuries and fractures are easily identified, allowing car accident victims to understand that treatment is needed. However, common conditions like Whiplash may not produce symptoms for several weeks or a few months, making it appear that Chiropractic Treatment is not necessary.

Car Accident Injury Symptoms

It’s imperative to have a Tucker Chiropractor evaluate your condition after a car accident to diagnose and treat potential injuries immediately. Even low-speed accidents can cause injuries and lead to chronic pain or permanent damage.

Chiropractic Treatment serves as a safe and useful alternative to traditional medicine, offering holistic solutions that work naturally with the body. Although you should seek Chiropractic attention within 48 hours of a collision, it’s particularly important to schedule an examination if you notice the following symptoms.

Intense Stiffness

Whiplash is the most common car accident injury treated by the Chiropractors at AICA Tucker. Patients who sustain Whiplash Injury tend to experience upper back pain, inflammation, stiffness, and severe pain. If left untreated, it can cause other chronic conditions and permanent damage.

Pain and Tingling

The force associated with an auto collision can push the spine and surrounding joints out of their natural positions. When misalignments occur, significant tension is applied to the nerves through the affected joints. Such pressure can create significant pain, tingling, and numbness. A Chiropractor can easily correct misalignments with a series of spinal adjustments.

Loss of Mobility

Car accidents have the propensity to damage the skeletal system by affecting the performance of your discs and joints. This situation can impair your mobility and create intense pain when trying to perform basic activities like walking or sitting down. Suffering in pain that prevents you from moving or following through with your professional obligations impact your quality of life and requires comprehensive treatment.

Schedule An Examination With AICA Tucker After A Car Accident

Each car accident has the potential to create severe or permanent damage. If you feel fine following a collision, it’s imperative to still have a Chiropractor perform an examination to ensure the integrity of your health.

AICA Tucker helps hundreds of accident victims recover from common injuries and can develop a personalized treatment plan that helps you, too. Call us after an accident to schedule an appointment: (404) 592-1186.