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Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash Injuries In Tucker

Nov 11, 2015

Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash Injuries In TuckerHave you or someone you love recently been involved in an auto accident?

If so, you and those who were involved in the accident should schedule an examination with one of our Tucker Chiropractors, right away.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries car accident victims suffer from and its symptoms are often mistaken, underestimated, or completely overlooked.

The source of the condition is caused when you are set in some type of stationary position and then randomly subjected to a sudden jolt that forces your neck to sharply lunge forward.

Because of this, the muscles and tendons around your neck stretch beyond their normal threshold and begin to tear.

Common Forms of Whiplash

Most of the time, victims are confronted with some form of neck sprain or strain.

This means that the ligaments that help protect and support your vertebrae are torn.

The joints located in the back of your spine, known as the facet joints, are covered by facet capsules and are extremely sensitive, making them especially susceptible to Whiplash.

Knowing The First Signs

One of the more common effects of Whiplash is the destabilization of your spine, which can cause severe pain.

While each case offers its own unique traits, most patients experience a combination of symptoms that help identify whether or not this condition is present.

These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • dizziness;
  • shoulder pain;
  • lower back pain;
  • tenderness around your neck;
  • disc injuries;
  • tendonitis;
  • rotator cuff impingement;
  • stiffness around your neck.

The Chiropractic Approach To Treating Whiplash

In general, how your Chiropractor approaches your care plays a critical role in preventing long-term damage, as a result of your injury.

During the beginning stages of your treatment, your doctor will most likely focus on reducing any pain you’re experiencing in your back, neck or shoulders.

Once this is accomplished, treatment will then move toward techniques that help restore your neck’s ability to properly function, allowing you to get back into your everyday routine.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal manipulations and adjustments are commonly used to treat Whiplash, while exercises that helps correct instability and motion help shorten your recovery process.

Because the primary focus of Chiropractic medicine is dedicated to holistic treatment, meaning that the root causes of your condition are addressed along with the symptoms, you are able to recover properly and prevent permanent damage.

Ice and Medications

Ice, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Alleve help ease aches and pain for a short-while, but do not treat the source of your conditions.

While you and your doctor may agree to use these types of solutions to alleviate your pain, they should be used sparingly. It is also highly recommended to remain considerate of your condition, regardless of how well you may feel through these methods.

Taking some type of painkiller or using a system that helps mask your symptoms may motivate you to push yourself beyond what your capable of and expose you to long-term or permanent injury.

The First Step To Treating Whiplash Is To Schedule An Appointment

Scheduling an appointment with one of our Chiropractors is the first step you need to take to treat Whiplash.

As mentioned before, the unique characteristics of your injury will have to be evaluated by a doctor, before treatment can begin.

You can make an appointment with us by coming into our office located at 3166 Chestnut Connector Dr. or by calling us at 404-592-1186.


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