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How Often Should You Schedule An Adjustment With Your Tucker Chiropractor?
Oct 23, 2015

How Often Should You Schedule An Adjustment With Your Tucker Chiropractor | AICA TuckerFamilies typically have a number of common first questions when meeting their Tucker Chiropractor for the first time.

Usually, these questions are focused on the patient’s health, safety, and commitment to improvement.

Common Questions

Question like,

  • “How much does a chiropractic adjustment cost?


  • “How many adjustments will I need in order to feel better?”

are just a couple of the concerns that come top of mind for most.

While the answers to these questions might not be exciting, the correct reply for most of these is, “It depends.”

It’s easy to understand the intentions behind these questions; we all want to know what to expect, especially when it comes to our health and finances.

Chiropractic Services Are Covered By Most Insurance Providers

Luckily, families and individuals who need Chiropractic support do not have to worry about either cost or the possibility of experiencing some sort of uncomfortable payment process.

Adjustments are covered by most health insurance plans, so make sure to call your insurance provider to verify details related to which procedures are offered and how often you can schedule a visit.

How Often You Visit Your Chiropractor Depends

As for how many visits you’ll need to schedule or how many adjustments will ultimately be required, your Chiropractor will be able to give you a qualified answer once they throughly evaluate the condition or area of complaint. They’ll need to determine:

  • whether the problem is new (three months or less) or chronic (more than three months)
  • your current health status
  • possible alternative conditions such as diabetes or scoliosis.

Beyond these considerations, your Chiropractor will also need to decide what type of solution and technique will work best for treating your condition. Some procedures or techniques focus on providing more corrective types of care and can take some time before everything is back to normal.

Others provide relief support, which more or less treats immediate pain, but does not resolve the issue completely. While you may initially want to opt for the latter, it is extremely important that you consider and ask your Chiropractor about the long-term consequences of every technique they propose.

If you’re particularly ambitious about supporting your recovery process, ask your Chiropractor what you can do on your own, in order to compliment their efforts. They may recommend specific types of stretches and/or exercises, depending on the type of condition being treated.