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7 Things Everyone In Tucker Can Do Right Now To Help Improve Their Physical Health
Dec 22, 2015

6 Things Everyone In Tucker Can Do Right Now To Help Improve Their Physical Health

With 2016 on its way, now is time to make various lifestyle adjustments that focus on improving your wellbeing and overall health.

How To Improve Your Health

Besides visiting a Tucker Chiropractor to receive regular adjustments and to monitor your physical condition, try incorporating the following six habits into your daily routine to live a longer, more meaningful lifestyle.

Find As Many Ways As Possible To Stay Active

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from your place of business, and stepping away from your desk for a five-minute walk each hour are all practical ways to remain active throughout your day.

Depending on what your daily routine consists of, try your best to identify ways that your environment allows for some exercise.

Exercise At Least 30 Minutes Each Day

Maximizing the health benefits from exercising is all about consistency and intensity. Studies show that exerting a significant level of energy in small, concentrated period is more conducive to improving your overall health than working out on a few occasions, for hours at a time.

Increasing the intensity of your 30-minute workouts will also support and boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn off more calories at a faster rate.

Use Functional Movements When Exercise

You can maximize the support you provide to your spinal and nervous systems by adding more activity to your life, exercising on a daily basis, and incorporating more functional movements into your exercise routine.

The type of spinal and neurological benefits these three considerations yield include:

  • The activation of your neuroendocrine response;
  • Maintaining healthy spinal discs;
  • The stimulation of proprioception.

Get Your Joints Moving, Too

Identifying ways that you can move around in manners that mimic motor recruitment patterns, like squatting or lifting a heavier object off of the ground (deadlifting), allows you to keep your joints active and healthy for the long-term.

Monitor and Maintain Correct Posture

Remaining observant of your posture, how often you hunch forward, and your natural sitting position is critical for maintaining correct posture throughout your day.

Make sure you are conscious of standing up straight, pulling your shoulders back, and keeping your neck in a fixed position.

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleeping is one of your body’s greatest defenses against sickness and poor health.

Getting eight hours of sleep each night, taking a brief 15-minute nap during the day, and making time to unwind are all critical components of a healthy lifestyle.

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