What Tucker Drivers Should Do After A Car Accident
Sep 27, 2017

What To Do After A Car Accident In Tucker | AICA TuckerIt’s too easy to casually drive through Tucker, believing everything is perfectly fine when suddenly another vehicle collides into yours. The traumatic event can send shockwaves through your body, rattle your decision capabilities and make it difficult to understand how to react appropriately.

Georgia’s Department of Motor Vehicles reports that each driver will experience a car collision once every 20 years. Although you can’t completely brace yourself for the impact of an accident, you can take proactive measures that help prepare you for what to do if an incident occurs.

Preparing For A Car Accident

Having a roadside assistance kit in your vehicle at all times is essential for signaling to other vehicles your situation, as well as receiving help. Make sure your roadside kit includes flares, reflective gear, and first aid supplies. You should also consider purchasing a seatbelt cutter or car hammer in cases of an emergency. It is also imperative to keep records of your registration, insurance policy, and emergency contacts in your vehicle where it can easily be accessed.

What To Do After A Car Accident In Tucker

If you are involved in a car crash in Tucker, it is important to remain calm and react accordingly to protect your health. First, do not leave the scene of your accident since you may face legal charges if you do. Even if you are not at-fault, you can still be accused of a hit-and-run violation.

Instead of leaving the scene of an accident, call 911 to report the incident and ask for medical attention if necessary. When the police arrive, try to remain conscious of what you report, as you do not want to say anything that may be used against you in a potential personal injury claim. Only offer facts around what occurred, not who you believe is responsible.

If you can, try to take pictures of the accident using a smartphone device. Take pictures of the damages sustained by all vehicle involved, skid marks, and any injuries you may have. You can use these images to support your claim, should your damages require compensation.

Seek Immediate Treatment From Our Tucker Car Accident Doctors

To protect and preserve your long-term health, contact our Tucker Car Accident Doctors within 72 hours to schedule a complete examination. There are many common accident injuries that do not produce noticeable symptoms but have the potential to cause chronic pain or permanent damage. Seeking immediate Chiropractic Treatment gives you the best chance to prevent such conditions from developing over time.

AICA Tucker is open Monday through Sunday and welcomes same-day appointments for those who require immediate Chiropractic Treatment. Just dial (404) 592-1186 to schedule an examination with one of our friendly staff members.


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