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How Prolong Sitting Ruins Your Health
Feb 7, 2013

How Prolonged Sitting Ruins Your HealthYour office chair is killing your back. I’m pretty particular about my office chair, and I should be because I spend at least 5 hours everyday sitting on it. I work in a profession where I get to move around a lot, but I cannot avoid sitting down for several hours at a time. In other professions, workers can easily spend 8 hours sitting at a desk. We now know the dangers of prolonged sitting and how it causes high blood pressure, lower life expectancy and how exercise doesn’t nullify the harm of sitting all day. What people do not realize is how awful it is for their back and neck.

The chair is not your friend:

The human body is designed to move and be active, but our sedentary lifestyle forces us to sit most of the day. The average person sits for 9.3 hours a day, this is 9 hours of inactivity. Not only do we sit for too many hours, most people use bad posture when they sit down. They slump, slouch, lean over, drop their head and stare into a computer all day. Prolonged sitting has also been shown to cause deep vein thrombosis and lethal embolisms that can travel to the lungs. The chair is not your friend; it is an enemy that will slowly destroy your health.

Chair induced back pain:

We’ve already talked about how people slump, slouch, lean and improperly sit, but we haven’t talked about how this kills your back and neck. Have you ever been cooped up in an airport or anywhere else without comforting seating? If you’ve ever had to sleep in a hard chair or a rock solid brick of a sofa, then you know how stiff and sore your body gets from sleeping on such an uncomfortable surface. Sitting in an office chair does the exact same thing to your body. It throws your spine out of alignment, it stretches your body the wrong way, and you probably have back pain that you can’t explain. The solution is simple: Sit less, sit with better posture and get plenty of exercise. Visit an experienced chiropractor for the best pain relief possible.